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Genealogical Data Base

The Group has constructed a database of persons resident in Nutfield from 1800-1911.  It is based on the census, church registers and cemetery records.


Picture Archive

The Group has nearly 700 photographs and drawings of people and places, stored on computer and partly indexed on a database.  Members are welcome to inspect the index and to purchase copies of pictures.


Dendrochronology is the science of dating timbers by their annual growth rings.  A qualified scientist is required to take the core samples and to interpret them.

The Group has already dated six properties – Kings Mill House, South Hale Farm, 40 High Street, The Queens Head, Charman Cottage and Leatherbottle Cottage – and is now considering a second batch.  The cost is about £450.  Any owner of a timber-framed house who would like to have his house considered for dating is invited to apply.

For more information on any of the above,

please email the Secretary, Brian Lyus, or phone him on 01737 823360